I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since I can remember, painting, music and cinema has been all over my family and my life. During my childhood I was surrounded by vinyl and books, paintings and photographs. My mother’s father was Lucas Demare, a renowned director who inspired me greatly regarding the Cinema art from my very early age. I started my studies with painting, cinema scripting, and actors directions. At the beginning I did the art direction of couple of short films, after that I would start with the directing music video clips, live concerts and documentary. During my career I’ve worked with national and international artists, covering multiple musical genres. My work grew, and I got recognized and rewarded in different instances with prizes like MTV VMS, Cards Award (London), Rolling Stone, Latin Grammys, Premios Carlos Gardel, “40 Principales” to mention few.

I moved to Europe, settling in Madrid, where I added to my work in the music market, fashion, as well as more documentaries. During this period of my career I started working on fiction, where I got the BAWEB FEST prize for the best Web Series of Iberoamerica. Nowadays I live in Mexico City, focusing most of my work on commercials for different brands. I’m passionate about advertisement and commercials, and the chance of professional growth while working with leaders in the segment, as great agencies and creatives. I’m writing and developing a film series, a “dramedy”, and also creating new audiovisuals projects like “Chinga tu Mate” that is a product fully designed for Instagram, which has gained positive feedback and critics. Among my objectives for the future is keep developing even more my work on commercials, and the production of the series as also to start the writing my first feature film.